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Our Purpose is to provide an outlet for the women of God to gather information that will help with their Christian walk.  We have put together information that we feel will inform, enlighten, enthuse, encourage, uplift and motivate women to reach their highest potential in Christ.  
Our Motto is "Serving God by Serving You"!  It is our desire to be a source that you turn to when you need an answer from The Word of God.  We will keep your desires and concerns before the throne of God daily and we have made a commitment to you to always bring you a relevant Word for today's woman.  


Bernadette Love / Founder

Our Mission

We are committed to the work of the Kingdom of God by using the world wide web as an instrument to spread the good news of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  We have been commissioned by our Lord to bring an uncompromising Word to women of God, touching on every area of life.  We are committed to praying for and ministering to the body of Christ while living in such a way as to allow the love of God and the light of His word to shine in every aspect of our lives.  


About Us

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