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It's All About the Children

Children are  wonderful gifts from God and should
be treated as such.  Unfortunately that is not
always the case.  Everyday you hear of children
who are being abused, neglected, raped and
abandoned.  And then there are the too numerous
cases of parents not being able to properly
provide for these gifts from God.  And please let us
not forget the children who are sick and dying.

Often, while watching television, you will see an
advertisement showing a starving child and you
are moved by the site and you say to yourself, "I'm
going to donate, I'm going to feed a child."  But,
before you know it the ad has changed and your
attention is drawn to something else and the child
is forgotten.  Or, maybe you are moved but just
don't have the funds at the time.   And, once again,
you forget.

We have searched the Internet and found
reputable organizations that are truly helping
children.  You can always come here to make a
difference.  Please help as God blesses you.
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Providing caring professional adoption services for birth mothers and adoptive parents nationwide.
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Knowledge is power: If you’ve got 30 minutes to spare, you can learn everything you need to know to be your kids’ digital safety superhero.
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Internet Safety Guide for Kids
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Child Welfare Information
Gateway connects child welfare
and related professionals to
comprehensive information and
resources to help protect children
and strengthen families. We
feature the latest on topics from
prevention to permanency,
including child abuse and neglect,
foster care, and adoption.


Recognize the signs of child abuse

Mission Feeding is the answer to the nutritional needs of starving children around the world. That’s why we say, “There’s life in every bowl!” » read more


Child abuse and neglect are serious public health here for more info

What parents should know about child abuse and neglect

Hurting people hurt people...If you need help to stop hurting... we want to hear from you...we can help!

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