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Spiritual warfare is much needed in
the lives of most believers.  Some of us,
unfortunately, have been taught to ignore
the enemy in hopes that he and his
demons will go away.  Yet,  we are
constantly seeing the evidence of
demonic influence everywhere we
turn...some of us don't even have to leave
home to see the demons at work.  What do
we do about it?  We fight back!!!

We all know of someone who is exhibiting
the need for deliverance...or it could be
we ourselves.  Do you have a child,
regardless of age, who is not walking like
they should...or a spouse who just can't act
right, no matter how hard you try?  
Spiritual warfare may be the answer!

The Bible tells us that we wrestle not
against flesh and blood, but of spirits and
principalities in high places...we are
wrestling against demons, and yes, they
are as real as you and I are!  However, they
are already defeated.  It's up to every
believer to get these demons off of our
backs and the backs of our loved ones.  
They are not going away just because we
want them to!

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