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Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Thank you for visiting our website. I am so excited about the vision that God has given me for this ministry and I look forward to sharing that vision with you. We've changed the look of the whole site and I trust that you will love the changes. We have added some new departments and features that we hope will allow you to maneuver more easily through our site.  To aid and strengthen your walk with our Lord we added an audio page which is full of scripture reading that will give you the opportunity to hear the Word of God on subjects that may be close to your heart.  To make your Bible study even better, we've added Bible study tools with links to sites that we have found helpful.

We also added a section on salvation with tools designed to help you answer the hard question, are you saved, with clarity and conviction.  There are scriptures and writings that will strengthen your walk with the Lord.

Our home page has taken on new look.  To God be the glory!  I hope that this makes it easier for you to find articles of interest to you.   We even have a  whole new website for men on the horizon.  The intent is the same...we want to encourage, enthuse, inform, evangelize, uplift and equip the men in your lives.  We hope to have the site up and running real soon.  In the meantime, check out the look of it.  The Word for Men Network will be awesome.

As always, if you have a prayer need, a concern that you would like for us to stand in agreement with you about, please let us know.  Our prayer warriors are ready to keep your petition before the throne.  Remember, there is power in numbers.  Click here to send a prayer request to our team.


If God has placed in your heart a burden to help reach the masses and spread the word, we have a place for you in this ministry.  We need prayer warriors, people who know the power of prayer and are committed to lifting up the saints.  We have a need for those who are not afraid to share your testimony with the world.  The Lord needs people who will boldly proclaim His Word!   We need you!!!!!  Please drop us an email and let us know where you want to work.  You can reach us by email at

Be blessed and remember that you are fearfully and wonderfully made in the Lord.  Nothing can stop you because you are a virtuous, vivacious, victorious woman of God!!

Your sister in Christ

Bernadette Love

P.S. It's time to walk in your you know what it is?


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