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Game Plan

21 Days to a Better You

Sermon_1_Get_Up_and_Get_On_FireBernadette Love
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It's time to get it together!

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Change is never easy but often it is necessary for life!  It takes 21 days to start or break any habit.  We are determined to make changes for the better.  If you can get on board, decide today that your life is just beginning.
Change is never easy but it can be so rewarding.  The key is to stay with it...don't give up!  Your change may mean a complete over haul, meaning mind, body and spirit.  Usually, you can't change one without changing the others.  But trust me, it will be well worth the effort.
If you have pre-existing conditions, please consult your health care professional before exercising or changing your diet.  What you will find here are general health tips, devotions to encourage you and a journal to help you track your progress.  Most doctors will be on board if you decide to start eating right and moving!
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